Global Sea Scouts

Gibraltar Sea Scouts . 100th Anniversary.

The Gibraltar Sea Scouts celebrated their 100th Anniversary in style. Past and present members came together to proudly march down Main Street and later enjoy a drink at the well attended reception.

United Kingdom Sea Scouts. Youth Sea Scouts - 1941 - CharlieDeanArchives / British Council Archival Footage.

This film has been made available for non-commercial research and educational purposes courtesy the British Council Film Collection.

France Sea Scouts - Scouts Marins de Bordeaux - Fort Médoc

Résumé vidéo du week end 70 ans des Scouts Marins de Bordeaux.

Israel Scouts Sailing Camp - Summer 2019.

United Kingdom Sea Scouts. History.

These pictures show Sea Scouts getting a tow from the Royal Navy down the Thames to Chatham and part of their training.

USA Sea Scouts and USA Coast Guard Auxiliary Webinar.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary has adopted the Sea Scout program as its official youth leadership development program. Coast Guard headquarters has recently rolled out a ‘Standard Operating Procedure” (or SOP) for how the Auxiliary will implement this new relationship.

South Africa Scouts. Water Activities during 2019 World Scout Jamboree. The Summit Bechtel Reserve .

This video is GoPro footage that they took on the Water Reality, Stand-up Paddle boarding and Scuba.

USA Sea Scouts. Sea Scout Ship 283 "Poseidon" Map

Malaysia Sea Scouts

This is the Official Page of Malaysia Sea Scouts (Sekretariat Pengakap Laut Kebangsaan), PPM.