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Introduction to Leadership Skills for Ships (ILSS) Manual

Introduction to Leadership Skills for Ships (ILSS).

Check Sea Scouts Screencasts about ILSS in ILSS Modules page.

Modules of Introduction to Leadership Skills for Ships (ILSS)

Module 1—Ship Organization includes a description of each leadership position on the ship, roles and responsibilities, ship organization, and introductions to vision and servant leadership.


1.1: Introduction to Leadership Skills for Sea Scout Ships 5 minutes - Skipper

1.2: The Team-Based Ship 25–30 minutes - Youth

1.3: Introduction to the Ship’s Organization 20–35 minutes - Youth

1.4: Introduction to Servant Leadership 5–10 minutes - Youth

1.5: Introduction to Vision 5–10 minutes - Youth

Module 2—Tools of the Trade covers some core skill sets to help the Sea Scout lead, including communicating, planning, and teaching.


2.1 Introduction to the Tools of the Trade 5 minutes - Adult

2.2 Communications 20–30 minutes - Youth

2.3 Planning 20–30 minutes - Youth/Adult

2.4 Teaching EDGE 15–25 minutes - Youth

Wrap Up Module - Skipper

Module 3—Leadership and Teamwork incorporates additional leadership tools for the Sea Scout, including discussions of teams and team characteristics, the stages of team development and leadership, inclusion/using your team, ethics and values of a leader, and a more in-depth review of vision.


3.1. Introduction to Leadership and Teamwork 5 minutes - Adult

3.2. Teams and Team Characteristics 5–10 minutes - Youth

3.3. Introduction to Stages of Team Development and

Styles of Leadership (Leading EDGE) 15–25 minutes - Youth

3.4. Inclusion 10–15 minutes - Youth

3.5. Leadership Ethics and Values 15–25 minutes - Youth/Adult

3.6. Vision 5 minutes - Youth

Wrap Up the Sea Scout Leadership Training Course 5 minutes - Skipper

Note: Resources for modules to be added to this page.

Sea Scout Advance Leadership Training SEAL


Seabadge is a leadership and management training focused on the “how-to” aspects of managing a successful youth led Sea Scout program. While Seabadge was developed as an advanced leadership training program for experienced Sea Scout adult leaders the course is open to all adult Scout leaders. The driving theme for the training is to “Focus on Youth”, which makes the course especially valuable for any Scout leader dealing with older youth.

Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic Training

Do you really want to know Sea Scouts BSA program? This is the first step for all adult leaders who want to have a fast start in Sea Scouting. An online training in just 95 minutes!

#SSALBT. Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic Training is the first step in training focusing on the skills and attributes necessary to be an effective advisor in the Ship’s deliverance of service to youth in your specific geographic location.