Introduction to Leadership Skills for Sea Scout Ships ILSS 1.1. in 5 minutes. #SeaScoutsScreencasts

Sea Scouts Screencasts are short 5 minutes or less instructional videos using screen captures or narrated slides. They are used to provide highlights of topics of interests for Sea Scouts to create onsite or online discussions and interactions.

#SeaScoutsScreencasts. This Sea Scouts Screencasst is the first part of ILSS Module 1 which is normally presented by the Ship Skipper to provide the purpose of the course, an overview of the modules and where ILSS fits in the Sea Scout leader's training continuum. ILSS manual is located here:

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Producer: Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche Valencia, BSA Transatlantic Council Sea Scouts Commodore. Sea Scouts Online (

Music: Screen-O-Matic "Triumph"





2.3. Teaching EDGE