Sea Scouts Who Map

Humanitarian Mapping BSA Mapathon.

Boy Scouts of America Project Uses Geospatial Technologies to Help Frontline Responders

Scouts use free humanitarian mapping technologies, including OpenStreetMap and the HOT Tasking Manager, to make these edits and then contribute them to the Missing Maps Project. Read press release.

Scouts Who Map is a movement for social change through servant leadership enabled by geospatial technologies . Sea Scouts Who Map expanded this initiative to use Story Maps to know more about global waterways and the Sea Scouts groups near them. Read press release.

Global Sea Scouts & Waterways Map

#SeaScoutsWhoMap. #SeaScoutsOnline is growing with the addition of our #GlobalSeaScoutsMap and #GlobalWaterways close or used by #Sea Scouts. Our map includes location of Sea Scouts groups, a photo with a link to their website or Facebook page, and close waterways or ports they use for water activities. We are receiving maps of countries with Sea Scouts. we want to share that Sea Scouts are located, not only at sea, but also in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and rivers. #JustAddWater. Send your locations and collaborations to The map is always under construction. "Global Sea Scouts Map".

Global Sea Scouts & Waterways StoryMaps

Sea Scouts in the world and waterways (rivers, lakes, reservoirs, canals, and seas). #SeaScoutsWhoMap #GlobalSeaScouts #GlobalWaterways. "Global Sea Scouts & Waterways StoryMaps".

Learn How To Map in OpenStreetMap. Step by step tutorial for how to map in OpenStreetMap. This is produced by the U.S. State Department's Humanitarian Information Unit for their MapGive campaign. MapGive is making it easier for new online volunteers to learn to map in OpenStreetMap." BEGINNERS USERS.

Be Prepared for #BSAMapathon #MissingMaps. ==> Two Minute Tutorials: What is Missing Maps?. An introduction to the Missing Maps project, which aims to map the most vulnerable places in the world so that international and local non-governmental organizations can use the maps and data to better respond to crises. " . BEGINNERS USERS.

Two Minute Tutorials: Drawing Buildings in JOSM (Java OpenStreetMap Editor). How to draw buildings in OpenStreetMap using JOSM, an advanced desktop editor for OpenStreetMap. JOSM can allow you to draw buildings quickly and efficiently. (NOTE: This video is for people who are familiar with OpenStreetMap and the browser-based iD editor.) ONLY ADVANCED USERS.

#HumanitarianMapping. ==> " Do you want to discover what humanitarian mapping is all about? This video, conceived by Joana Roussillon, volunteer for CartONG, aims at explaining what humanitarian mapping is all about to non-experts. " BEGINNERS USERS.